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Memories of brave Lifeboat Men

Great Yarmouth Mercury February 2021 - recording the exposure of timbers poking through the sand on Hemsby beach following recent storm Darcy. It is thought to be the wreck of the Unity, sunk in 1899.

Our very own Edward Birkbeck was launched and her Service History - as recorded on our website - says "At 5.40am on 8th November 1899 the Edward Birkbeck was launched after the “Dandy” Unity had come ashore about 3 miles north of Winterton in heavy seas and a SW gale. With great skill the lifeboat men got close enough to the stranded vessel to rescue 5 members of the crew and landing them at Winterton at 8.15am, the other 2 men getting ashore in the ship’s boat."

Check out the full Service History of the Edward Birkbeck recording all her launches here